Healthy Habits School Program

Welcome to the Dettol Healthy Habits Schools Program

Healthy Habits is a free curriculum-aligned Primary School Program that helps teach healthy habits to students of all year levels. The Program provides teachers with interactive activities and support collateral, on a range of topics, to assist in providing students with a truly engaging learning experience.

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Topic 1: Happy Hands

Aimed at early Stage 1 students, happy hands is an introduction into what germs are, how we can help stop their spread and personal hygiene.

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Topic 2: Healthy Eating

Aimed at Early Stage 1 Students, healthy eating explores the importance of healthy food choices, hygienic preparation of food and good hand washing habits.

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Topic 3: Let’s Move

Aimed at Stage 2 Students, Let’s Move is a fun topic that educates students on physical activity and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

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Topic 4: Germ Fighters

Aimed at Stage 3 students, Germ Fighters investigates scientific experiments as well as research tasks into germs and how they spread

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