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Dettol Anti-Bacterial Laundry Sanitiser Natural Eucalyptus

Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Sanitiser Natural Eucalyptus removes 99.9% of germs.

Effective even in a cold wash.

Dettol Laundry Sanitiser removes 99.9%* of bacteria such as Staphylococcus and E.coli in the wash in both hot and cold water. Bacteria such as E.coli that cause infections can be left on clothes increasing the risk of re-infection. Normal washing, especially at low temperatures does not entirely remove the problem. Dettol Laundry Sanitiser is ideal for dirty clothes such as sweaty sports gear, underwear, socks, work clothes, towels and linen that can harbour germs. Dettol Laundry Sanitiser helps break the cycle of re-infection and cross-infection of laundry. Dettol Laundry Sanitiser is also gentle on your clothes because it does not contain bleach, leaving laundry hygienically clean and fresh.

* Staphylococcus and E.coli


Product Features

How to Use

Do not swallow. For use in washing machines. For Front and Top Loader Machines For a regular load of washing, add 60mL of Dettol Laundry Sanitiser into the fabric softener dispenser, in place of or in addition to fabric softeners. Dettol Laundry Sanitiser will be automatically activated in the final rinse cycle of your wash. For washing machines without a fabric softener dispenser, wash as usual and only apply Dettol Laundry Sanitiser to the final deep rinse cycle of your machine. For Handwashing Wash and rinse clothes. Add 60mL of Dettol Laundry Sanitiser for each 8 litres of water into the final rinse. Soak for 10 minutes. Rinse if desired. Dry Clothes as usual.

More ways to use this product…

Not suitable for septic tanks.

Safety Instructions

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Corrosive to eyes when undiluted.

  • Avoid contact of undiluted product with eyes and skin.



    Benzalkonium Chloride 70g/l