Our Mission for Health

Protecting Health for over 80 years

While Dettol started by helping to prevent the spread of germs in hospitals in the UK, our brand’s mission was always much bigger. In order to help keep people healthy, Dettol needed to help protect families as part of their every-day lives at home.

This is our Mission for Health. Our first important job was first aid, helping to prevent cuts and grazes from infection. Since then, our mission has been extended to help prevent the spread of germs on hands, bodies, laundry and surfaces.

We now offer many Dettol products, all designed to help protect families from germs.

Around the world our brand goes into schools every year, to teach children the importance of hand washing to keep healthy. Every year millions of new mums around the world received a free starter kit from us, containing product and hygiene information to help them keep their babies protected.

In our mission for health we work with partners like Save The Children to reach mums that need us most in places where protection from germs is important to every-day activities

Every year, we pledge to do more to help families across the world stay healthy and happy.

We value our partnership with mums across the world to help look after their family’s health, and we strive to deliver better personal hygiene and cleaning solutions to help keep her home and family healthy.

Thank you for being part of our journey.