Help Stop the Spreading of Germs from Coughs and Sneezes

Guest post by Katrina Springer

Most people cover their mouth when coughing and sneezing, then wash their hands so they don’t spread germs.  But this can be really hard to do if you’re out shopping pushing the grocery trolley, in a meeting or out for dinner.  Instead these hands will then touch the trolley, the chair in the conference room or the salt and pepper shakers that will be used by many other people the same day.  And at home, we find ourselves busy running around after kids, we may cough into our hand, answer the phone and then the next family member will pick up those same germs the next time the phone rings.

If germs aren’t kept under control it can become a never ending battle once cold and flu hits the household.  A while ago I shared how to help remove the germs in your home,  today I’ll list my top tips on help preventing germs from spreading.

Don’t rub your face

  • Avoid touching your eyes while sick, you don’t want germs to spread  into your eyes
  • Keep hands away from nose and mouth to help prevent spreading of  germs


Cover mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue
  • Put used tissues directly into the bin
  • If you don’t have a tissue then cough or sneeze into the upper part of your arm
  • Wash hands (and arm) with soap and water.


Use hand sanitiser so you don’t bring germs home

When out in public use hand sanitiser to help keep your hands hygienic especially after:

  • using the atm or EFTPOS machines
  • touching money
  • touching handrails or escalators
  • using a public bathroom
  • being in contact or near somebody that was  unwell
  • before and after you eat


Stay hydrated

It’s important in general to stay hydrated, however it is essential when you are feeling unwell to drink a lot of fluid to help prevent dehydration.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Water – if plain water is hard to stomach try adding a small amount  of juice or cordial to it
  • Hydralyte can be found at the chemist and is used to correct the balance of  electrolytes and glucose required for rapid rehydration. I put a splash of juice in the water when giving my kids Hydralyte, they find  it easier to drink then
  • Soup or hot lemon drink - the warmth of the warm soup or drink will help soothe a sore throat