5 Home Remedies for Cold & Flu

The common cold generally affects adults and children alike. We’re also more likely to catch a cold during the winter time. We know that there’s no known cure for the common cold and for this reason, we’ve put together a list of home remedies aimed at providing some relief from the symptoms.

1. Vitamin C

Although Vitamin C won’t prevent a cold, it’s known to be a pretty effective natural remedy. You can usually find Vitamin C in pill form, but there are loads of tasty vegetables that are packed full of it too. These include strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, kiwi fruit, cabbage, lemons and peaches.

As always, it’s best to check in with your doctor before loading up on any vitamins.

2. Water

It’s the simple home remedies that won’t so much as treat your cold, but rather, help your body heal as quickly as it can. Drinking plenty of water is one of those simple home remedies making it easier for the body to expel, but also help to combat dehydration. So drink up – at least two litres a day!

3. Honey

Honey has been used to fight symptoms of the common cold for years and is effective in soothing a sore throat and reducing the severity and lifespan of a cold.

4. Chicken soup

‘Chicken soup will help make you feel better’ is no longer just an old wives tale. The truth is a bowl of hot chicken soup is a delicious home remedy for the common cold. It’s full of healthy and tasty ingredients that help you keep the germs at bay.

5. Rest

Rest is one of the best home remedies for the common cold. In the season of coughs, colds and sneezes, it’s important that you take time out to rest up and get well. If you’re too unwell to be useful at work, it’s best you stay home. Similarly, if you’re child isn’t feeling too well, it’s important that you give them the chance to get better too and not send them to day care or school. If you’re not feeling well and do choose to stay home, take the opportunity to focus on getting better– not do the housework!