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Healthy Homes

Your guide to creating a hygienically clean and healthy home

Dettol has over 80 years of germ protection experience and we are passionate about helping to keep your family healthy. That’s why we make products that not only help to keep your home clean and fresh, they also help to protect your family from harmful germs that can cause illness. For all you need to know about healthy cleaning, home hygiene hotspots and much more. 

Around The House Large

Around the House

We all love spending time at home, but the home can also be a breeding ground for germs. Follow our handy tips to controlling germs around the house.

Healthy Kitchen Dining Large

Healthy Kitchen and Dining

For most families the kitchen is the heart of the home and yet it is also a hot spot for germs. Follow our guide to a healthy and hygienic kitchen. 

Healthy Bathroom Laundry Large

Healthy Bathroom and Laundry

Soap scum, lime scale and germy messes, not to mention mould and mildew – bathrooms and laundries can be a haven for germs. Here’s your guide to common germ hotspots.

Healthy Living Bedroom Large

Healthy Living Rooms and Bedrooms

It’s said that on average we spend on average a third of our lives asleep so here’s your guide to the healthy bedroom and living spaces.

Pet Hygiene Large

Pets & Pet Hygiene

A companion, a family friend, a childhood confidante, pets are often a key member of the family. Your guide and advice to healthy homes with pets.

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