Disinfecting and cleaning tips

Some types of germs can live on surfaces for several days. A few simple disinfecting and cleaning tips can help protect your home by reducing the spread of these germs.

Disinfecting and cleaning tips

The top disinfecting and cleaning tips

The top disinfecting and cleaning tipsSome germs can survive for days on household surfaces like kitchen counter tops, sinks, and phone receivers. When you disinfect, you are reducing/killing germs on these surfaces. It is really important to disinfect household surfaces frequently, especially after handling raw food and when someone in your home is unwell. Try to make disinfection part of your daily routine by using antibacterial cleansing wipes on kitchen countertops and bathroom faucets, handles and sink surfaces.

Top Dirty Sites in the Home


  • Sponge or tea towels
  • Kitchen sink and drain
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Kitchen taps
  • Chopping board
  • Kitchen bench


  • Bath, shower and sink drains
  • Toilet Bowl (under the rim)
  • Toilet Floor
  • Sink

Disinfecting products

Dettol Surface Cleanser Trigger

An important part of our disinfecting your home can be using the right product. Our top cleaning tip is to use a surface cleaner like Dettol Surface Cleanser Trigger. It reduces allergens on a wide range of hard household surfaces, including surfaces where food is prepared.

Directions for use:

  • Turn red nozzle to 'ON' position
  • Spray directly onto surface, let it stand for 10 minutes
  • Wipe over with a clean damp cloth and allow to dry
  • With electrical equipment, spray onto cloth before wiping
  • After using, turn the red nozzle to "OFF" position

Dettol Surface Cleanser Wipes

For fast, effective surface cleaning try our surface cleanser wipes. Especially useful for cleaning on the go, they disinfect and reduce allergens on a wide range of hard household surfaces, including food preparation areas.

Directions for use:

  • Peel back the re-sealable cover and pull out a wipe
  • Re-seal the pack to prevent the remaining wipes from drying out
  • Check the surface is compatible with the product and then wipe down the surface.
  • There’s no need to rinse.
  • Put the soiled wipe (and the germs) in the bin
Always read the label and use only as directed.