Educational tips for your family

Dettol is passionate about helping mums raise thriving, happy families. Our easy-to- read guides, essential tips, educational tools and open discussion forums are packed with useful information on everything from how to hand wash and cleaning at home to looking after your brand new baby.

You and Your Baby

Being a new mum brings so many questions. Put your mind at rest with easy advice on how to prepare you, your home and your family for your new addition.

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Cold and Flu

Colds and flu are never a welcome addition to a household. Learn how to protect you and your loved ones with easy to follow tips, tools and resources, such as hygienic cleaning and how to hand wash effectively to help stop the spread of germs.

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Airborne Allergens

Allergens such as pet dander and pollen hide in more places than you might think. With these simple, smart, effective recommendations you can reduce the allergens in your home and get your family feeling less sneezy and itchy.

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Tummy bugs/Upsets

Learn how germs spread in the kitchen and find out how to help protect your loved ones from tummy bugs with simple cleaning and disinfecting tips.

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Germs - Cleaning and disinfecting

What are germs? What is the difference between bacteria and a virus. How are germs spread? How can they be eliminated? We’re glad you asked! Find out all of this – and more.

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